To Italy , Mio Amore !


Generally, people who write about Italy either live there or have visited the place several times.
I, on the other hand , have never been to Italy. But I’d invariably longed to travel to Italy, ever since I was 9 or 10. And like all others ( who dream of being there at least once in their lifetime) , Italy lives inside of me.


When you talk of a place like Italy,  you don’t have the slightest clue how to begin. There are so many things  about  this  place that need mentioning.  Yet, the sheer beauty of this country in Southern Europe inspires me to write  up a whole blog about it. However, I shall skimp and skip a few general things about Italy that you can always Google up and check out.

Why Italy, of all places ???

Well , to begin with, as a kid, I used to watch Football World Cup like crazy ! (Well , now I watch anything and everything that is concerned with F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L, but that’s another story ) I’d stay up all night waiting for the match to kick off even if I had to attend school the next day ( the IST timing for football matches is really sick , it screws up your biological clock sometimes )


My family was and is still a stalwart supporter of Argentina, Holland and France. And I,  having  the least idea about football then, rooted for the same . But as I grew up , I realized I was falling for the Italian National Football Team and slowly , Italy became my personal favorite.  And there on, I loved everything about Italian football. From Maldini to Marchisio,  from Inter Milan to Juventus  , everything !

italy f1
And then I discovered my love for Italian food. As we all know, Cucina Italiana  is one of the most popular cuisines in the world with influences overseas. And like obvious, it seduced my taste buds as well.

Talk of Pizzas (Peperroni Pizza is my favorite, though I have tasted only the Indian version so far) , Pastas , Lasagnas, Cheesecakes and Wine. Talk of all the mouth watering Italian dishes you know of. Don’t you feel like digging in already ? BURP !!!

I always had this dream of visiting Naples so I could taste one of the best pizzas in the Universe in such a way that all the toppings and cheese slide off as I take my first bite . Oh, BUON APPETITO !

italy f4

When I was barely 21 , I began dating a guy , who, before we declared our love for each other, that is , while going through the initial flirt phase , popped a friendly question  “Which is the one place you’d go to if we got a chance to travel together ??” And before  I could think of anything, prompt came my reply :


It’s been two years since then and we both still dream of being there together, someday.

Hailing from a family where everyone is a movie freak in his/her own style ,  I , just like my brother,  followed the Mafia style .  When me and my brother get together at home, we sit down in front of the desktop and  watch all the Mafia inspired films ever made , totally glued to the screen . The funniest part is, when we love a particular scene , we would rewind the clip and play it over and over again like a bunch of OCD affected people or like the ones who’d lost their short term memory in a traumatic brain injury.
Quite recently, I watched the very famous “Gomorrah” a complete Italian movie based on a true mafia story. Boy, the movie was class apart! I did not care to get the subtitles downloaded . I just kept on watching till the last minute and believe me, I’m still starstruck.

a still from the movie "Gomorrah"

a still from the movie “Gomorrah”

Now I don’t know if this happens to you as well but when I talk of Mafia, I naturally and instinctively think of Sicily (As they say, Mafia originated in Sicily) and while my peers were fascinated and inspired by books like Princess Diaries and Twilight, I would sit and read Sicilian mafia stories and would dream about the rough and tough Mafiosos, the whole night. I even remember reading books and magazines about Italy as a kid  and I’d check out  the airline prices for flights from New Delhi to Rome.

Yes, I was truly , madly, deeply in love with Italia !

And once again, when I think of wild crazy love , marriage and a honeymoon destination, I just think of Rome, Venice, Italian Riviera and Tuscany . Oh  amore, amore, amore !!!

I even dream of making a visit to some of the famous Italian museums in Rome that are packed with treasures that include masterpieces of some of the best sculptures and paintings. I dream of visiting the Italian library, pick books on Italian literature, read about the lives of Italian writers like Umberto Eco, the very famous Dante and so many others. I dream of Italy , in every possible way.


And last but in no way the least , the sexiest and the most attractive thing about Italy that drives me even crazier is the Italian Fashion !!! ( With Milan being regarded as the world’s fashion capital surpassing Paris, New York and so many other leading cities in fashion )          Image
So tell me about it. Well I believe, to be able to look beautiful is one thing and to be able to do Dolce and Gabbana , Versace, Gucci , Armani and Ferragamo Salvatore is another. Talk of shoes, designs, clothes, perfumes, jewellery or hair, the Italian fashion has had it all. It has indeed given a new meaning to Glamour !

And that, my friend, is exactly how Italy managed to endear itself to me , turned me into a hopeless dreamer , a restless spirit , a stupid romantic who dreams of making it to the country someday for the numberless reasons that connect me to this exceedingly beautiful place.

And I’ll make sure that when I reach there, I shall jot down all the beautiful stuff I’d come across so that when I return, I’d make a mention of them in my upcoming blogs for people and for all you young dreamers who secretly and passionately desire to be there someday.  So here’s to one of the sexiest places on earth :

                                        Amo l’Italia ! I love you, Italy !


Bidisha Chetia


4 thoughts on “To Italy , Mio Amore !

  1. Italy Italy Italy…Did you forget to mention about the Gondola rides in venice or skipped it intentionally???was looking forward to read something about ‘venice’.Anyways, loved reading about the place i am so much in love with.
    Aur hanuman lao.

  2. Haha , thanks for the feedback Ashim. and yes, I intentionally skipped and skimped on Venice like I already mentioned at the very onset of the blog. Sorry about that.

  3. Its really beautiful… 🙂 but could you understand the punch ‘aur hanuman lao’ as written on the above comment !!!!!!!! lol.. thats really funny….
    And you just don’t worry about the unfulfilled dream of going to Italy..that will happen for sure….with no place left unseen… 🙂

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