PUMPING IRON : Confessions of a Gymmer


Having not much to do on a two month vacation post exams (I’m tired of hanging out and doing what I want), I planned to hit the gym. In a way, that was necessary as I happened to gain kilos and kilos while I was slogging away hours and hours for my exams. And  plus , fortunately, I found a nice posh reputed gym located just a few kilometers away from my place (Apparently , that’s the best gym we have in town)

So one fine day, when I finally decided to take the plunge , I walked in, took a month’s membership and got started on my work out. I gym 7 days a week,  3 days of weight lifting and 4 days of cardio. Now , if on one hand, gymming seems like a fun thing to do, it’s equally difficult on the other. You can  feel it once your personal trainer starts treating you like a stray dog. Initially, weight lifting was a complete disaster for me. I would cry my lungs out when I was asked to do a mere squat. And then the huge dumbbells, the chest flyweight lifting, those ginormous machines for abs, seated leg extension and then the pilates,  push ups , sit ups, planks (Damn, planks exhaust the shit out of me ! )  I wished I’d never eaten so much !!!
And now that I get the hang of it, I feel like Angelina Jolie . Fuck, yeah !
So , In case you reckon you’re jobless at home and you can’t seem to refrain yourself from grabbing that last cookie on the cookie shelf , then you’ve seriously got to change directions and head straight for the gym.


And today , irrespective of how much I have benefited (if at all I’ve benefited), I proudly call myself a gymaholic (I don’t know if that’s the word for one who is addicted to the gym)
But Yeah , it’s true, I love going to the gym. I just love being there. Right from the main gym room to the locker room, I love everything about it. It makes you feel better, gives you positives vibes and finally turns you into your unique self. In fact, the gym is quite a happening place to be in. Let me tell you why.
Before that, you should know that there are two types of women you’ll find in a gym. The chatterers and the mutes (they are also the keen observers ) and I , belong to the second category (sadly, yeah) . I avoid eye contacts while I’m working out  and I’m always stuck with my water bottle.


People that you come across in a gym are incredibly varied. Some are just big time health freaks, others have issues with their ever increasing and never decreasing body weight and the rest, just come for the personal touch.
And hence, in every gym, you’ll find a set of gym bunnies.Like there are lady gymmers who are perfectly sculpted and have great legs, so much so that it gets you thinking “what on earth is she doing here?? ”
For instance, in our gymnasium, there are ladies who dress like they are at a club and step into the gym as if they just stepped out of a limo and we , the low-life gymmers , standing in the crowd just to get a glimpse of them. Well, this is just my imagination and I have no idea if my fellow gymmers imagine things the same way but Yes, I have definitely noticed one thing. The male trainers seem really enthusiastic about training these ladies. You can see it in their eyes ( Well at least in some of them, if not all ). Their eyes and heart go popping when these chicks step into the gym ( oh, there are numberless stories about trainers and clients hooking up and I don’t want to stress upon them at the moment) while some of them would just follow these hotties around the gym. Trust me, the whole scene is really hilarious.
Why, the male clients are even worse. Y’know , like they say, picking a ‘pilate hottie’. True,you can see them literally drooling over these hotties , trying to approach them across the gym and waiting for the right time to strike a conversation. And then the next thing you know – they are gym buddies.

I wonder,  has there ever been smoke without fire ??!!!

Seriously, gym is fun. Everything happens right in front of you and you get to watch and enjoy every bit of it (and I , the observer , have all the fun watching a lot of things happening around the gym  while I walk from one machine to the other)


But that’s just life on the outside. Whereas on the inside, life is much more different. And that you’d know once you enter the ladies locker room. The locker room is a place where everybody gets to befriend one another, share their stories and advice one another on what’s right and what’s not. I, on the other hand,at the initial period of my training days, hardly talked to anybody . I would just sit and listen to everyone. All the pretty ladies chit chat about their personal lives and their men.Some of them are divorcees, a few unmarried and some are just not happy with the way things have turned up for them.  And then again, some of them just can’t seem to find a way to resist junk food, some are diabetic, some hypertensive and a few even have to undergo home dialysis every week. The worst part , some of them have massive surgeries to be operated upon them in the near future. There’s one lady who was supposed to get her kidneys transplanted. It came as a surprise to me ‘cause she otherwise looked so fit and fine. Well that’s the spirit, babe !
Then slowly, I began sharing my meagre knowledge on health and medicine with these people. There was an old lady , about 65 or so, who is an ardent gymmer at our gymnasium.One day, while I was sitting next to her in the locker room, I noticed her right swollen foot. I called her and told her immediately what she’s supposed to do, what she needs to take and what she needs to avoid.In the end, she literally thanked me a thousand times ‘cause it seems she was looking for a solution for the past few months (And deep down in my heart , I felt really happy I was able to advice her on that issue ) And now, whenever we meet up at the gym ,she calls me a ‘doctor friend’ (friend of a 65 year old, cool eh? and anyway, you’re never too young for anything )

So you see, different people have different stories and the gym is one of the easier places where you get to relate to them. You socialize, converse, you learn a new thing every day and in turn , you get an opportunity to share your experiences and tell people your stuff which you’ve realized over the years.
And above all, you establish a friendly and a healthy relationship with your fellow gymmers and of course, your trainers which in turn, helps you draw positive energy into your life so you could give that extra push and the extra minute to your work out in order to live a healthy and a happy life.



Bidisha Chetia


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